The choice of bit for your horse is often a factor that is regularly overlooked and neglected. A horse or pony that is fitted with the wrong type of bit can demonstrate all sorts of unusual behaviour that regularly is dismissed and bad manners, knapping or naughtiness.

The aim of a Bitting Consultation is to work with you and your horse to find a bit that is comfortable for him and gives you the control that you require. Often changing a bit can make a significant difference to the performance of your horse, whether it is to increase his scope over a fence or improve his swing in dressage. A happy horse is without a doubt a more successful horse.

So what should you expect from a session? Initially we ask you to fill out a Clinic form allowing our advisors to review your horse and get a feel for your situation and what you are looking to achieve.

The session would then follow the following format:

  1. Review of the mouth We would have a look at your horses mouth and discuss with you any considerations that would need to be made when bitting.
  2. Ridden Evaluation We ask you to ride in your own bit and tack and we then assess how the horse is going. We then discuss with you our observations and evaluate what we wish to achieve in the sessions.
  3. Re-Bitting We then try one or several bits, working with yourself to improve the contact and find a bit more suited to you and your horse.
  4. 30-Day Trial Once we have found a bit or bit(s) we mutually agree will achieve the improvements we are looking for it / they would be left with you on a 30-Day trial basis, with the bit balance(s) been due 30 days from the clinic date.Should we require sending you any further bits etc. these would be done on the same basis with balances due 30 days from the date of despatch from our office.

All our advisors are very knowledgeable in the world of bits and bitting and endeavour to use each session to share this information with you. The aim being for you to use this help combined with schooling to improve the way your horse goes, and re-bitting should not be done to replace schooling.

If you would like to book a session or would like more information such as rates and availability contact Sandra -

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