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Try this bit on a 30 day approval - terms and conditions

The try it now price does differ per product as this price is related to the retail price

The try it now will not be available at the current time on such products which are of plastic/rubber due to the fact the are not as resistant to wear and tear. Trial bits are bits from our bit library and may have been used previously and therefore not always brand new bits are despatched for trial.

The bit shall remain the property of The Horse Bit Shop for the 30 day trial period, and continuing to be the property of The Horse Bit Shop until the customers account is debited for the rest of the value of the bit, then it shall become the property of the customer.

Please take care of the bit, as it is the customers - (the holder of the account that the bit is purchased on) responsibility to make sure that the bit is kept in good condition throughout the trial period and thereafter until the final value is paid, the customer is also responsible that the bit is kept safe from theft and loss, as if you cannot return the bit within the trial period then your credit/debit card will be debited with the final value.

It is recommended that the bits are returned via a recordable postal facility as The Horse Bit Shop cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage in the post when being returned

30 Days trial period
The 30 days trial period will start from the postage date that The Horse Bit Shop posts the bit which will be postal dated on the envelope, which takes less than 48 hours from dispatch for delivery to the UK. The return date that the bit has reach The Horse Bit Shop will be included in the letter which will be approx 30 days after the postal date. Please note it can take 3 - 5 working days to dispatch and deliver orders.

Dates to which the bit should be returned may be subject to change if the day falls on a Public Holiday. If the bit is not returned by that date then your account to which you paid for the trial facility will be automatically debited with the remaining value.

Try it now for other countries
For other countries where shipping times are longer, the trial period will be increased to a maximum of 36 days according to the current postal delivery times, the date to be returned will be stated in the letter included in with the bit, the bits will be dispatched via airmail and will be expected to be returned via airmail, as surface mail can take up to 50 days for some countries. Please allow plenty time for the bit to reach the UK, as if it does not the remaining value will be automatically deducted, even if the bit is in transit.

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