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CL4061288- Sprenger 16mm WH ULTRA Soft Snaffle Aurigan
Mouth Thickness:
Ring Size:
Ring Colour:
Stainless Steel
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Size: 120mm

WH Ultra bit is a unique roller in the center section that brings an even better focus for the horse onto the tongue. The WH Ultras are highly recommened for horses that are unresponsive to the rein aids. The tongue is gently stimulated to utilise its highly sensitive sense of touch in an incomparable way.
About the AURIGAN Mouthpiece

It is oxidized AURIGAN bits that produce the distintive and pleasant taste that horses love. This particular taste encourages horses to chew and produce saliva which leads to rapid acceptance of the AURIGAN bit.

The extraordinary advantages of AURIGAN as a material for bits has been proved by scientific research. The excellent acceptance of AURIGAN in the horses mouth has been confirmed by a long-term study at the University if Hanover.

AURIGAN is a special nickle-free alloy which, due to the inclusion of silicon, combines the oxidation advantages of pure copper with maximum strength. This is guaranteed by the unique formula and composition of AURIGAN which exceed the quality of German Silver.

A high copper content in a bit material does not always result in optimum oxidation. Aluminium and nickle ingrediants actually inhibit the oxidisation process of the metal in the horses mouth slowing down the reaction

AURIGAN bits ensure perfect harmony and satisfy the highest demands of competition, together with the expectations of ambitious leisure riders.

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