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Beris Ported Dressage Weymouth 5cm Shank
Mouth Thickness:
Cheek Sizes:
Ring Colour:
Stainless Steel
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Beris Ported Dressage Weymouth 5cm Shank

As the key part of the double bridle set, the Ported Dressage Weymouth works well for a horse moving into the double bridle for the first time. The center port allows more tongue room for the larger tongued and / or sensitive horse creating less pressure in the middle of the tongue.


This reduced pressure allows room for the Bradoon to sit neatly behind keeping the pressures clear, non-complicated and minimal conflict between the two.


Available in two shank lengths, although the 7cm shank has the greater amount of leverage the 5cm would receive a quicker reaction.


soft very supple and pleasant in the mouth with a flexible steel core giving high security, particularly for sensitive or young horse


hard/firm - the material is firm and no-flexible whilst very pleasant in the mouth, for very strong or horses that lean. A less cumbersome alternative to Vulcanite.

NATHE Bradoon Bit, double jointed
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Mouth Thickness:
Cheek Size:
Ring Size:
Ring Colour:
Stainless Steel

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