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4216888 - Sprenger HUBERTUS SCHMIDT Weymouth -5cm - Aurigan
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Sprenger Hubertus Weymouth -5cm - Aurigan

By pulling the reins the rider can change the angle of the Weymouth to apply pressure on the palate with the high port. The Weymouth can therefore only be recommended for experienced and precise rider hands.

Available in 5cm or 7cm Shank
Dressage Legal

About the AURIGAN Mouthpiece

It is oxidized AURIGAN bits that produce the distintive and pleasant taste that horses love. This particular taste encourages horses to chew and produce saliva which leads to rapid acceptance of the AURIGAN bit.

The extraordinary advantages of AURIGAN as a material for bits has been proved by scientific research. The excellent acceptance of AURIGAN in the horses mouth has been confirmed by a long-term study at the University if Hanover.

AURIGAN is a special nickle-free alloy which, due to the inclusion of silicon, combines the oxidation advantages of pure copper with maximum strength. This is guaranteed by the unique formula and composition of AURIGAN which exceed the quality of German Silver.

A high copper content in a bit material does not always result in optimum oxidation. Aluminium and nickle ingrediants actually inhibit the oxidisation process of the metal in the horses mouth slowing down the reaction

AURIGAN bits ensure perfect harmony and satisfy the highest demands of competition, together with the expectations of ambitious leisure riders.

KK Conrad ULTRA Mouthpiece

The KK Conrad ULTRA bits take advantage of the exceptional sensitivity of the tongue. Did you know that because the tongue is extremely sensitive it multiplies perceptions in this area dramatically?

You might also recognize the feeling if the human tongue finds a little how in the tooth it gives the impression there is a huge gap. A horses tongue works in much the same way, whilst eating it can filter out small stones from the food. In collaboration with SPRENGER, the Veterinary University in Hanover started a new project. They examined more that 70 horses heads and used various methods to take measurements.

The analysis of this information produced unexpected results:
  • The interior of the volume of the mouth was less than had been previously thought
  • The palate was both smaller and very often flatter than previously imagined
  • The space left for a bit is therefore very limited

SPRENGER used this new information for the development of the new KK Conrad ULTRA. The aim was to improve the bits bit not make them too severe.

How can the sense of touch be stimulated to obtain the desired effect?

1. As the palate is narrower than originally assumed the lozenge in the centre was shortened (no pressure on the palate).
2. The angle of the link was turned at 45. This ensures that when the reins are pulled the rounded link rests fully in the tongue without squeezing it.
3. The tongues sense of touch is utilised and clear instructions are given through the reins.

Important Information

Make sure the bit is fitted correctly in the mouth. The arrow must always be on the left hand side pointing forwards.

4022688 - 16mm WH-ULTRA Bradoon 55mm Ring AURIGAN mouth
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